Role Of A Motivational Speaker In Communication And Learning

Motivational SpeakersFor effective communication to take place, there should be active listening, clarity in speaking, and no barriers in communication. Because communication is a two-way process, the speaker should make sure the message is understood by the audience. A message is effectively delivered when an individual from the audience asks questions.

An extraneous speech will confuse the listeners about what the speaker wants to convey. Also, the speaker determines if the message is suitable for the target audience. The choice of words can be a barrier to communication as it can hurt or infuriate individuals of a certain race or gender. They may take the meaning differently, opposite of what was intended by the speaker.

Another barrier to communication is the noise and distractive sights in the venue. A company that hires a motivational speaker should make sure the venue is conducive to learning and will help focus on the speaker’s message.

1. Motivational Speaking As A Skill

Motivational speaking is not a job, but a skill or talent that enables the speaker to persuade, teach, or suggest effectively; hence, the word motivational. The audience should be able to apply what is learned in terms of occupational safety or in problem-solving in regard to personal and societal issues.

In a pep talk, a motivational speaker helps the employees see hope in the future and encourages them to work better for the company. An individual who has the experience, expertise, and knowledge related to a subject can be a motivational speaker. With the aim to motivate people, a speaker may not know the science behind motivation or even the psychology and neuroscience involved in memory retention and in learning.

2. The Science Behind Motivation

People are motivated to act or behave accordingly if they know that they shall reap rewards as a result of their efforts. There are parts of the brain that are involved with the reward and punishment system. One of them is the ventral striatum in which encoded is the expectation of an incentive.

The ventral striatum recruits the part of the caudate nucleus to participate in the action to fulfill a cognitive or physical task. When the nerve cells in the caudate nucleus are activated, the person is motivated to perform a task.

In regard to motivation, there are various theories that encompass it. It is not just the desire to get a medal or trophy that motivates an individual to achieve a task. It may be a competition, with a prize, to further drive him to fulfill a task.

The intrinsic motivators refer to one’s desire to grow or to learn something new for career advancement. These are considered to be the long-lasting motivators.

Other theories suggest that the basic needs of man can also be motivators. If someone is financially lacking, it motivates him to work. Others suggest that a previous emotional or physical trauma and experience discourages someone to repeat the previous activity.

Conflicts in the environment and within one’s self can kill motivation. Conflicts are a source of stress that some people want to avoid. Success and failure can make someone repeat or stop a certain behavior or action in fulfilling a task.

 Motivational SpeakerGoal-setting is another aspect of motivation. There are people who are easily discouraged from fulfilling a task to achieve goals when they see an obstacle or a threat in achieving a goal. On the other hand, there are some who stay motivated even if they know they have to face difficulties before they can achieve a goal. Giving up and holding on are within the scope of emotional quotient.

Having a high intelligence quotient does not mean one is motivated to study for further improvement. If a person gets easily frustrated or disappointed when he does not see any improvement, he may give up on the task or goal. It may be said that he has a low emotional quotient.

The motivational speakers can make a persuasive speech because his emotion about a subject is strong enough. His emotion is contagious for the audience to feel the same strong emotion. Emotion strongly affects motivation that a speaker who uses the power of gestures, facial expressions, and words to emphasize a point can effectively deliver it to the audience. It is up to the audience to apply what is learned from the speech.

Golf Drivers For Women

A female golfer’s standard club set is composed of 12-14 clubs for a single round of golf. Nevertheless, before deciding on those final clubs, you should first be aware of her own personal experience , swing strength and measurements so that you will make a truly informed decision.

Here are a few guidelines that you can use in building the perfect golf club set for yourself or for any aspirant female golfer.
Start with the Basics

Golf Driver In order to give yourself greater options as well as greater odds of easily adapting to different situations, you should ensure that you have the most basic clubs included in your golfing arsenal. Ideally, you should have a putter, 2 wedges, 3 woods, and seven irons in your golf set.

The woods in your set are the 3-wood, 5-wood, and the golf drivers. Meanwhile, the irons set is composed of the 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron. Finally, you should also have a sand wedge and a pitching wedge as well as the putter, of course. Click here for more information about Golf Drivers.

Measure yourself

The next step in finding the right clubs is determining your personal measurements or those of your intended recipient. After all, height is of particular importance when it comes to the finding the best club length.

43 inches would be the average length for golf drivers for a woman standing at 5 feet and 9 inches. Therefore, it follows that you should either add or subtract one inch from the driver length for every inch taller or shorter that you are than the standard woman’s height. Likewise, you should also add or subtract half an inch from the various irons, wedges, and woods in order to discern their correct lengths.

Consider a Hybrid

For most women nowadays, the standard set of long irons might seem unnecessary. After all, not only are they an added expense, they already have hybrid counterparts available that are better suited for female golfers in particular. A single hybrid club can already replace 3-4 long irons. Likewise, a hybrid is much easier to manage and easier to swing than a typical long iron.

Know your Swing Speed

Compared to men, most women are typically shorter and have much slower swing speeds. For that reason, you will have to be more discerning regarding the specifications of your irons, golf drivers, putters, and other golf equipment. Women with considerably higher swing speeds can already settle for a 3-wood or 7-wood. Conversely, those with particularly slow swing speeds below 60 miles per hour should invest in titanium golf clubs that offer greater loft.

The ideal loft angles for slow hitters are 16 degrees for your 3-wood and 14 degrees for your golf drivers. However, you also have the option of replacing your 3-wood with higher odd-numbered woods such as a 7-wood or a 9-wood.

Additionally, a more flexible shaft will allow you to achieve greater trajectory despite your slow swing speed. The less flexible shafts are often used by golfers with naturally faster swing speeds who can already manipulate them to achieve longer distances.

Know your tools

Golf DriversGenerally, less experienced golfers with weaker swings will benefit from the aid of the longer 7-iron. Meanwhile, women golfers with stronger swings can make do with a 5-iron. If you fall into the former category, you should consider a purchasing an iron with a rounder and wider sole with an added weight in order to compensate for your swing speed.

On the other hand, the two wedges in your golf set must fit different criteria in order for them to function to their full capacity. The sand wedge should have a minimum loft angle of 56 degrees. Meanwhile, the loft angle of the pitching wedge can be compared to the 9-iron and measure at least 4 degrees more at the minimum.

PCB Net Is The Key

PCB means printed circuit board. The PCB is the board base used to support and wire those little components that you can find in the boards of most electronic devices. These boards are printed using high technology printers, making it possible to produce more beautiful and secure boards. These boards have copper tracks and are made of glass fabricated plastic.


Little holes are being drilled inside the board to place the little electronic components at the right place then wired and soldered for a stronger grip on the board. These are among the most convenient electronic boards used nowadays.

There are numerous advantages of using a Printed circuit board.

Each of these advantages targets a secure and functional use of the board. We make high quality production and reproduction of circuit boards using high technology printing, providing an edge against the standard screen printing.

The greatest advantage of using PCB is that there is a minimal chance of short circuits and wrong wiring. This is due to the embedded components and soldered wiring, so there is a lower chance of getting those wires intertwined or having short circuits because of the secured placement of each part of the board.

At, we offer secure and high quality assembly of the components. The components are fixed that is why each part is secured to be at the right place on the board.

The second advantage is that printed circuit board is ideal for reproduction. If there is a need to have lot circuit boards with the same exact design, then PCB is the right board to avail. These boards are printed from the computer that is why a uniform design, size and placement can be achieved easily. Reproduction of these boards is as easy as one two three. Orders and proper designs for reproduction can be easily made at with the help of our website. You can perfectly avail the right design for your board at the right number for reproduction.

Another advantage of using printed circuit board is that there is no need for you to inspect each one because it is digitally printed. You can then expect an accurate placement of the parts and the components on the board. At, we highly guarantee a uniform and high quality reproduction of the boards. Since they are all printed, you have an assurance that they are of high quality.

pcbPrinted circuit boards are also more ideal for mass production due to the cheaper cost it provides. With just the same design, we just simply print out the design of the board printing multiple boards at a time. It is saving money and saving your valuable time at once.

We at offers a BOM or Bill of materials wherein the components needed for your project are listed to guarantee its success. Hassle-free online payment methods are also available. You can actually take advantage of Visa, MasterCard and American Express once you settle your payments.

Our boards are also top-notch in terms of quality. In soldering the parts, we use a unique tool to jet solder paste, which significantly boosts the quality and standards of the boards. This tool makes it possible to apply solder paste without the use of any contact method. Because of this, you can expect to gain more advantages than using standard screen printing.

Check out our website, so you can see our actual services and offers. Our web pages are easy to navigate, making it possible for you to choose your preferred components and achieve your desired board quality and design fast. We also allow you to customize the board based on your style and preferences. You can also choose to reorder the material or design that you have already previously ordered. We also prioritize faster and more accurate PCB reproduction. Learn more about what we offer and how we can help you meet your PCB needs by visiting PCB Net

Cool Down While The Sun Is Up: The Basics of Misting Fans

What are Misting Fans?

From the name itself, a misting fanis an electric fan that blows mists of water into the air. Its main purpose is to cool the area and improveair circulation. This kind of fan is commonly seen during football games and outdoor occasions, especially those held during hot humid days.

How do Misting Fans work?

To better understand how this innovative device works, one should first understand the concept of humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Extremely high humidity usually occurs in hot dry climates; the hotter the weather, the higher the temperature, the more humid the atmosphere is. What this great appliance does is that they drop the temperature of the dry air by adding water vapor in the air and prolonging the cooling cycle– a process also known as evaporative cooling. Misting FansThis process, however, would only work in high-temperature areas. It could, therefore, be seen that this device would not be as efficient in low humidity places. A great utilization method of the misting fan is the proper placing of the fan in areas with high humidity, which would consequently result in a higher temperature reduction.

The aforementioned mist produced by the fan is done by forcing water droplets with the use of a high-pressure pump. These water droplets would be filtered first before passing a nozzle with very minute openings, making the droplets more miniscule. The resulting droplets would then form the mist being sprayed by the fans and would evaporate almost instantly upon contact with air, causing a cool breeze in the surroundings.

To make sure that misting fans would in fact produce a thin mist rather than spray droplets, misting fan system should operate with a pressure of at least 1000 psi. With the given pressure, the resulting droplets would be 3-5 micron-sized, perfect for the thin mist effect. There are also three types of misting systems: low, medium, and high pressure systems. The system needed would depend on the application of the misting fan.

When did Misting Fans start?

The idea for misting fan actually started from evaporative coolers, which are devices that lower temperature and cool the air through the evaporation of water. The first ever form of air cooling is the windcatcher made by the Persians. This device consists of wind shafts located on the roof of the building. These shafts would catch the wind, make it go through a subterranean water to lower its temperature, and release the cooled air into the building. When the people saw how effective the system is, they started innovating the process to enable the air to cool faster and in a more concentrated area.

FansThe first misting system started back in the 1950s. It was first made to address the heat issues of the livestock industry. The animal owners grew tired of continuously spraying their animals with water to prevent heat strokes and therefore thought of ingenious way of putting an industrial fan to direct the sprinkles of water towards the animals.

Seeing how efficient the misting system was, the people developed ways to make the droplets finer. The concept of misting then spread to restaurants as it was a more effective way of cooling the place without affecting the temperature of the food. Gradually, the misting fan found a place in the residential settings.

What made the misting fan’s popularity spread is the convenience of setting it up. At the present time, misting fans do not come with a complicated installation process, unlike other cooling alternatives like air conditions. Like a regular fan, it could just be placed in a corner or moved by carrying it around.